Hello, I am Lisa Zografou, the sole person behind Biterkin.

As child I was only into sweet and salty tastes, but growing up I started to push myself outside the sugar and salt dominated world we live in and  appreciate the other two neglected tastes, sourness and bitterness. As an adult I love all things bitter – grapefruit, black sugarless coffee, rocket leaves, bitter chocolate – which I devour with extreme enthusiasm. The name Bitekin derives from this fondness and is the compilation of the words “bitter” and “keen”.

Here are some things that define me:

Taste comes first. When choosing ingredients, I may go past most items available at super markets and opt for shopping from small distributors who offer carefully chosen produce. Choosing organic is the best, but it is by no means the only option; there are frequently excellent quality non-organic products that taste amazing (and do not break the bank). I choose ingredients rather than products but I do not consider myself a high end purist.

When it comes to creating in the kitchen, ice cream making is my favourite pastime. I love using raw cane sugars to enhance the flavour of all my desserts. Instead of using refined white sugar as a sweetener and then vanilla to add some flavour, I play with a variety of raw cane sugars to bring the best out of everything. Of course when only white sugar works, I will use this instead. A once-a-week dessert is a staple in our house and we want the experience to be a truly worthy one in terms of taste (butters, creams and sugars all included).

I have been working in the food industry since 2003, after my graduation from the Economics University of Athens. I have worked as a sales person, accountant, negotiator in our family business and I have lived all aspects of my job to the fullest.

Some fun facts: I live in Greece, in the northern suburbs of Athens, at an altitude of 290 m, blessed with cool weather and rich flora.
I love to wake pretty early, especially on weekends, to feel the silence of the house before my boys wake up and fill it with joy.