I was born in 1979 and raised in Athens, the capital of Greece, a girl among three siblings and two hard-working parents. Greece is a country blessed with endless days of sunshine and my early years are filled with memories of sandy beaches, crystal-blue waters, resin-smelling pine trees and a gentle breeze caressing my hair.

When it comes to eating food, I have no stories to narrate about how our grandmothers foraged greens from the mountains around their village and how they made the best meal out of them. Our beloved grandmothers were urban to the bone and their only relationship with their saucepans was to raise the lid and see what’s inside for dinner.

Our mother on the other hand, was so busy helping our father build the family business, that she gladly embraced the ready-made-everything which had just started entering the super market shelves in the late 80’s. Frozen meals, instant mashed potatoes in a box, ready-made pastry. It was not that she wasn’t creative, not at all. When it came to throwing parties and celebrating holidays, she knew how to make things unforgettable. But when it came to every day cooking, she just had to adapt to the lack of time.

So it was no surprise that after finishing school and entering the Economic University of Athens in 1999, I had no idea how a meal is created. During my third year in the University, I went abroad, to Budapest, for six months as an exchange student. And cooking became a matter of survival. Back in those days the only way to learn about cooking, was to have someone to ask or get a cookery book. I was lucky enough to live with a Greek friend whose mother had a rich background in cooking and so I learned things I had no idea about. Like, how salt makes food delicious.

But it wasn’t until much later, in 2007, that I was hit by the cooking bug. It all started with an Ice Cream Maker, which I compulsively bought, and then with a book to actually use this compulsive acquisition. As I stood barefoot in the kitchen and took my first ever spoonful of my first ever homemade ice cream, I was astonished. I couldn’t believe how something could be so goddamn good!  From there, it was a necessity to learn as much as I could about ice cream making.

Now, twelve years later, with two decades of work experience in food industry management, a pastry chef diploma and an amazing family with two boys, Biterkin was born. I still own the exact same ice cream maker I used for my first ever homemade ice cream and I am still astonished every time I take a spoonful of the recipes I now create.

Biterkin is the place where all my kitchen experiments are gathered. Here you will be finding ice cream recipes tested to perfection and all things that celebrate life. My purpose is that you will enjoy it. The name Bitekin derives from my fondness on bitter taste and is the compilation of the words “bitter” and “keen”.

Welcome and, should you wish to say hello, I would love to hear from you.