Fior di Latte Ice Cream

Fior di Latte Ice Cream
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Fior di Latte Ice Cream is the closest you can get to eating fresh milk in the form of ice cream. It contains no eggs, which practically makes it a gelato. It is fairly easy to make, yet very special and a great base for all kinds of variations. You can layer jam into it and create spectacular swirls. You can go wild and top with chocolate fudge and nuts. Or you can eat it plain, directly from the ice cream machine, when no one is watching.

The taste of this ice cream will be great, no matter the quality of the ingredients you choose. This means that, should you like, you do not need to focus on buying the best milk and the freshest cream. All you need is ingredients with the right fat content and an ice cream machine. And for maximum pleasure, someone to share the Fior di Latte Ice Cream with.

Fior di Latte Ice Cream

Special Equipment needed:

Ice Cream Machine

  1. Freeze your ice cream machine’s removable freezer bowl at least 24 hours before the time you plan to churn the ice cream.
  2. Make the ice cream mix 12 hours before the time you plan to churn the ice cream.
  3. Let the freshly churned ice cream sit in the freezer for 3-4 hours after churning, before you serve it.

This batch is for an ice cream maker of 1.5 litre/quart capacity.


( you can find more about the ingredients in the footnotes )

  • 500 gr whole milk ( about 17.6 oz.; 500 ml; 2 cups & 2 Tbs.* )
  • 500 gr heavy cream, around 35%-38% fat ( about 17.6 oz.; 500 ml; 2 cups and 2 Tbs.* )
  • 200 gr regular white sugar ( about 7 ounces; 1 cup* )
  • 25 gr corn flour (a.k.a. corn starch) ( about 0.9 oz; 3 Tbs. & 1 tsp.* )
  • 20 gr skimmed milk powder** ( about 0.7 ounces ) (optional but highly recommended, see footnotes)
  • pinch of salt

*1 cup = 235 ml, 1 Tbs. = 15 ml, 1 tsp = 5 ml

** volume measurements are not provided here, because the volume of the milk powder may vary significantly.

Step 1 – Prepare the Ice Cream Mix

Have a silicone spatula and whisk ready on a plate, close to you.

In a large bowl, put the cornflour and pour  75 gr of the cold milk over it. Whisk to dissolve the cornflour. Set aside.

In a large saucepan, put the remaining milk, heavy cream, sugar, salt and skimmed milk powder (if using) and heat over medium heat, stirring often with the spatula until the skimmed milk and sugar dissolve. Do not let it boil before the sugar fully dissolves; check the bottom of the pan, to ensure that it has dissolved.

Increase the heat to medium-high and bring the milk to a boil. Let it boil for 30 seconds; at this time give a last whisk to the cornflour/milk, to dissolve any cornflour stuck to the bottom of the bowl.

Pour the boiling milk over the cornflour slurry in a steady stream; start stirring the ice cream mix with a silicone spatula. You want to stir it vigorously with the spatula for one whole minute, during which time it will thicken.

Step 2 – Cool the Fior di Latte Ice Cream Mix

Take the time to stir the ice cream mix with the spatula for 10 minutes. This will help release the steam, cool the mix down faster and prevent the formation of a crust on top of the ice cream mix. Stirring is the most vital step for creating the ideal structure for this ice cream. It may seem a lot, but take your time and enjoy the process.

After that, give it a stir every 5 minutes.  After 30 minutes, when the bowl is not too hot to the touch anymore, put it in an ice bath to cool it down completely. The whole process of cooling down the ice cream mix (ice bath included), should not take more than 2 hours.

How to prepare an ice bath

You will need a large bowl, larger than the bowl with the prepared ice cream mix. Put in some ice cubes and cold water. Carefully nest the bowl with the ice cream base in it. Pour more cold water from the sides, till it reaches the ice cream base in the inner bowl in height. Take extra care not to spill any water into the ice cream base.


When the ice cream mix has cooled, put a mesh strainer over a container and pour it through the mesh strainer into the container.

Cover with a lid and leave in the refrigerator overnight to cool; or up to 3-4 days.

In a hurry? Here is how to speed things up:

If you want to bypass the overnight refrigeration process and churn the ice cream immediately, you can put the tepid ice cream in a sealable bag, place it in a large container, fully cover it with ice and let it chill for a few hours ( it may take up to 3 hours to properly cool ).

The downside of this method is that you will need lots of ice. You will also need a thermometer to check if the temperature has reached the desired 4º C ( about 39º F ).

Step 3 – Churn the Fior Di Latte Ice Cream

Prepare the ice cream machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Give the ice cream mix a good stir to homogenise it.

With the machine running, pour the chilled ice cream base through the canister and into the ice cream machine. Leave to churn until nice and fluffy.

Remove the machine from the container and place the container, covered with a lid, into the freezer. Leave for 3-4 hours for the ice cream to set properly, before serving or removing to another, sealable container and store.

Tip: if you are using a metal container to store the ice cream, put it in the freezer along with the ice cream maker, to freeze for 3-4 hours. This will prevent the ice cream from melting when you transfer the ice cream there from the ice cream bowl. If you put it in the freezer for less than one hour, it will not do the trick.

Storing the Fior Di Latte Ice Cream

This ice cream, like all artisanal ice creams, freezes hard in the long term.

As it does not contain egg yolks, it’s texture will most likely suffer more than custard-based ice creams, so you may prefer to eat it fresh, within 12 hours of making it.

However, if you wish to eat it later, you have to soften it before serving. Remove from the freezer and put it in the refrigerator for half an hour. It will not have the scoopable, creamy texture it had when it was freshly churned, but the taste will still be amazing and a thousand times better than any store-bought ice cream.

Discard after one month of keeping in the freezer.

Ingredients notes:

Powdered milk : helps ice cream expand in volume while churning, by creating a better structure. There are many kinds of powdered milk on the market; regular skimmed milk powder works best, plus it can easily be found in most supermarkets. However, you may use whey powder, whole milk powder or any other powdered milk as long as it consists solely of milk powder (no sugar, flavouring or anything else listed in the ingredients)


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Caramelised Cacao Nibs

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