Cucumber Bites with Herbed Feta Cheese

Cucumber Bites with Herbed Feta Cheese

Cucumber bites with Herbed Feta
Cucumber bites with Herbed Feta

These Cucumber Bites with Herbed Feta Cheese are that extra-special something you wished for your next gathering. The combination of flavours is simple, yet so delicious, with the feta cheese giving just the right saltiness to the refreshing cucumber. 

Adding freshly crushed pink pepper gives complexity; plus it is a good conversation starter, with your guests wondering what this taste is. Of course, you do not have to rush  to buy pink pepper just for the sake of making these cucumber bites. Crushed coriander pairs wonderfully, too, while freshly ground pepper is always a convenient and welcome substitute.

You will be amazed to see how easy to make these is. The components can be prepared ahead of time, so it is very quick to assemble the bites when you are ready to serve.

Cucumber Bites with Herbed Feta Cheese

Cucumber Bites with Herbed Feta Cheese

You can prepare all the components the day before and assemble the cucumber bites when ready to serve.

Quantities can be easily doubled or tripled.

• Yields 15-18 cucumber bites

• Preparation time: 20 minutes


 [important notes and substitutes under the ingredients ] 

Feta cheese: should be around 20% or more fat content.

Fresh curly leaf parsley: curly leaf parsley is given as the main choice, as it has a milder flavour than regular parsley.

Remove the stems and use only the leaves.

You can substituted with any fresh herb available, such as regular parsley, dill, oregano, chives etc.

Kalamata olives: Kalamata olives work best for their black colour, acidity and size. Can be substituted with any similar variety available, or be left out completely.

Pink pepper: substitute with crushed black pepper, crushed coriander; or leave out completely.

Prepare the Cucumber

Wash the cucumber well with lukewarm water and cut diagonally at a slight angle, in 0.8 cm (0.2 in.) slices. You will have 15-18 slices.

Prepare the cucumber slices up to one day before assembling the bites.

To store, wrap the cucumber slices with a damp kitchen towel (or damp kitchen paper), put in a sealable bag and store in the refrigerator.

Make the Herbed Feta

Before pulsing the feta in the food processor, give yourself time to crumble it finely with your hands.

If you just break it in rough pieces, the food processor will not be able to create uniform crumbs, but it will instead create pureed feta in the corners of the processor and bigger crumbs on the center.

Taking the time to crumble the feta finely before pulsing it, will create perfectly fine and uniform crumbs, which make for perfectly textured and easy to spread feta mixture.

Last, but not least, if you make a larger quantity work in batches, always within your processor’s maximum capacity.

To make the Herbed Feta, crumble the feta with your hands directly into a food processor. 

Pulse briefly to create fine crumbs. If needed, scrape the bottom and the sides of the food processor and repeat. Do not over-pulse, you want a crumbled consistency, not a pureed consistency.

Put the crumbled feta in a bowl and add the chopped parsley

Mix gently with a spoon to disperse the parsley, then add the milk and give a quick and brief stir. Do not over-mix. 

You can use immediately, or store as advised below.

Prepare the herbed feta up to two days before assembling the bites. 

To store, put in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.

Assemble the Cucumber Bites

Before assembling, cut the red bell pepper in thin strips. You will need at least 15-18 strips.

To assemble, gather everything near you: the sliced cucumber, herbed feta, olives, red pepper strips and crushed pink pepper.

Arrange the cucumber slices on a platter and lightly sprinkle with salt.

Using two teaspoons, put a small mound (the size of a heaped teaspoon) of herbed feta on top of each cucumber slice.

Place an olive on each mound, followed by a red pepper strip.

Serve immediately. 

Consume within 1 to 2 hours of serving. Any leftovers which have remained at room temperature for longer than that, should be discarded.

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