Meringue Ice Cream Torte with Chocolate Layers

Meringue Ice Cream Torte with Chocolate Layers
Meringue Ice Cream Torte with Chocolate Layers

Meringue Ice Cream Torte consists of homemade meringue ice cream which is moulded in logs and layered with delicate chocolate sheets. You can finish its decoration by piping waves with a Saint-Honoré piping tip, or you can pipe some stars or round mounds.

It is the perfect ice cream torte to celebrate all occasions, as it can be made days before and stored in the freezer. It is also very easy to make, all you need is a mixer, hand-held being just fine.

Meringue Ice Cream Torte with Chocolate Layers
Meringue Ice Cream Torte with Chocolate Layers

Meringue Ice Cream Torte with Chocolate Layers recipe


for the Meringue Ice Cream Filling:

  • 500 gr heavy cream, about 35 % fat ( about 17.6 oz. )
  • 170 gr regular sugar ( about 6 oz. )
  • 200 gr egg whites ( about z oz. )
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract

for the Chocolate Layers:

  • 250 gr dark chocolate, 55% – 65% cocoa solids, chopped ( about 8.8 oz. )

for the Whipped Cream (decorating):

  • 200 gr heavy cream ( about 7 oz. )
  • 65 gr superfine sugar or Meringue Sugar  ( about 2.3 oz. )

for decorating:

  • cocoa powder for dusting


Step 1 – Prepare the Egg Whites for the Meringue Ice Cream Filling

Put the egg whites and sugar in a large heatproof bowl and place over a saucepan with simmering water. The bottom of the bowl should not touch the water.

Warm, whipping continuously, until the egg whites reach 71º C (160º F). If you do not have a thermometer, wait until all the sugar has melted and remove from the heat when the egg whites are hot to the touch (you should not be able to hold your finger in the egg whites for more than 3 sec.

Remove from the heat and place the bowl over a wire rack. Allow to cool, stirring from time to time.

Step 2 – Make the Chocolate Layers

Meanwhile, prepare the chocolate layers: put the chopped chocolate in a bowl and melt over a saucepan with simmering water, stirring frequently. The bottom of the bowl should not touch the water. Take extra care that no water comes into contact with the chocolate, or it will seize.

Line two baking sheets with 29 x 38 cm (11.4 x 15 in.) size of parchment paper and put some honey/corn syrup drippings under it to help it stick to the surface underneath.

Wipe the bottom of the bowl with a towel and divide the melted chocolate between the two sheets.

Using an offset spatula, spread the melted chocolate as thin as possible, aiming to spread it over the whole surface.

Put the baking sheets with the chocolate in the refrigerator and let it slightly set for 10-30 minutes.

Remove from the refrigerator and cut in rectangles, about 2 cm / 1 in. smaller than the pan you are going to use. There should be about 7-8 chocolate pieces; leave them attached to the parchment paper and put back in the refrigerator to let set completely.

Step 3 – Make the Meringue Ice Cream Filling

Lightly oil a 1.5 litre/quart cake pan or mould and line with cling film. Using your hands, help the cling film adhere firmly to the mould.

Whip the egg whites beginning with low speed and gradually increasing to high. Whip until they have tripled in volume and the meringue is thick and glossy; it should hold its shape well.

Whip the heavy cream into stiff peaks, it should hold its shape well.

Begin folding the beaten egg whites in the whipped cream; add an amount of roughly one cup volume, fold, then add another cup, fold and then finally add the rest of the meringue. You can use a balloon whisk or silicone spatula for folding. Do not overfold or the cream will lose its volume.

Step 4 – Assemble the Meringue Ice Cream Torte

Carefully remove the chocolate layers from the parchment paper.

Layer the lined mould with roughly 3-4 tablespoons of the meringue ice cream filling, applying it to the corners.

Put one sheet of chocolate (facing downwards), press gently but firmly, add another 3 tablespoons meringue ice cream filling.

Repeat the process until all the cream and chocolate sheets have been used; you should finish with the meringue ice cream filling. Smooth the surface with an offset spatula.

There should be trimmings from the chocolate sheets: put them in a food processor, pulse briefly to break into granules and sprinkle over the surface of the meringue cream, aiming for the centre. These will help the ice cream torte stay in place when served on a plate.

Cover with cling film, press briefly with your hands to help the film attach and put it in the freezer for 24 hours to set.

Step 5 – Decorate the Meringue Ice Cream Torte

Remove the upper cling film. Sink the mould briefly in hot water, for no more than 2-3 seconds. Invert over a plate and put back in the freezer.

To garnish, lightly whip the cream. With the mixer running, begin adding the sugar, a tablespoon at a time, until stiff peaks form.

Transfer to a piping bag with a Saint-Honoré piping tip attached; this is the perfect tip to create the waves. If you do not have one, a star tip or a round tip are just fine, your homemade Meringue Ice Cream Torte will be stellar without the waves, just pipe in stars or mounds.

Dust the surface with cocoa powder.

Transfer to the freezer and let it set for one hour before serving.

For long term storage:

Covered with cling film and stored in a sealed bag, the Meringue Ice Cream Torte will keep well for up to one week.

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