Mini Savoury Bites with Melon, Blue Cheese and Blackberries

Mini Savoury Bites with Melon, Blue Cheese and Blackberries
Mini Melon Savoury Bites for Parties

To make these mini savoury bites you mainly need a honeydew melon, blackberries and blue cheese. Although the combination of the three flavours is unusual, they actually pair perfectly well. The blue cheese with its interesting deep, intense flavour, gives another dimension to the shy and sweet melon. While the blue cheese is the one which gives its strong taste and saltiness, and the melon refreshes each bite with its mellow and juicy flesh, the blackberry is the one which spices everything up. The result is an exquisite bite with an intense personality and visual appeal.

And the best part is that you do not even have to turn on the oven to make them. This is your perfect appetizer to make during summer, when locally in-season melons are at their peak.

Mini Savoury Bites with Melon, Blue Cheese and Blackberries

Prepare everything in advance and have a good time happily engaging with your guests.

You will need the following special equipment:

  1. piping bag click here
    small to medium size around 30 cm / 12 inches
  2. piping tip click here
    a round piping tip with 1.8 cm / 0.7 inches diameter is ideal, but you can use anything you have handy as long as it is wide enough
  3. food clips to secure the piping bag

This recipe makes 28 – 30 pieces, perfect for a party of 20 people. You can increase the quantities to your liking.

You will need:

  • 1/2 medium sized Honeydew or Galia Melon to make the Bite Size Melon Wedges
  • 30 pieces Fresh Blackberries 
  • 100 gr Blue Cheese (3.5 ounces) to make the Whipped Blue Cheese and Crumbled Blue Cheese
  • 60 gr Heavy Cream (2.1 ounces)  to make the Whipped Blue Cheese
  • honey; to drizze
  • redcurrant or cherries; to decorate the platter (optional)

Step 1 – Prepare ahead of time
  1. Cut the Bite Size Melon Wedges up to 1-2 days before and store them in the refrigerator, in an airtight container.

To prepare the Bite Size Melon Wedges:

  • Wash well the skin of the melon half and pat it dry.
  • Empty the seeds from the melon half and cut it lengthwise into 3.5 cm slices (1.4 inches)
  • Cut each slice into 1.5 cm thick wedges (0.6 inch).
  • Choose the wedges which are big enough to create triangle, by leaving the skin attached and cutting the two sides to create two 4 cm sides (1.6 inches) .
  • Keep in an airtight container until ready to use

2. Prepare the Whipped Blue Cheese up to 2 days before, as instructed in the recipe below, using the 80 gr of Blue Cheese (2.8 oz.) and 60 gr Heavy Cream (2.1 oz.)

3. Roughly crumble the rest of 20 gr Blue Cheese (0.7 oz.) and store in an small airtight container to make the Crumbled Blue Cheese.

Step 2 –  Assemble

Best served as soon as they are made.

Wash the Blackberries and pat them dry.

Prepare your workplace: find the platter you will use and have everything ready and close by you. The Bite Size Melon Wedges , the piping bag filled with the Whipped Blue Cheese, the Blackberries, the Crumbled Blue Cheese, the Honey, and the decoration fruit of choice, if using.

To assemble:

    1. Arrange the Bite Size Melon edges on the platter.
    2. Using the piping bag, pipe a small mound of Whipped Blue Cheese onto each piece.
    3. Place a Blackberry on top of each Whipped Blue Cheese mound.
    4. Place a piece of Crumbled Blue Cheese on the edge, attached to the Whipped Blue Cheese to keep it in place.
    5. Using a fork, drizzle with honey; decorate the platter with the redcurrant or cherries, if you like.

They are ok to be left at room temperature for 2 hours. On warmer days, it may be preferable not to leave them for more than an hour.

Whipped Blue Cheese recipe


  • 80 gr Blue Cheese (2.8 ounces)
  • 60 gr heavy cream (2.1 ounces; 4 Tbs.); or as needed

Step 1 – Prepare the Whipped Blue Cheese

Crumble the Blue Cheese directly into a small food processor (the quantity is too small for a regular food processor) or a blender. Pulse for a few seconds to soften. Start adding the heavy cream in 3-4 additions, stopping before each addition to scrape the sides and bottom of the food processor with a silicone spatula. You want to obtain the consistency of thick strained yogurt, which is spoonable but does not fall from the spoon. You may need more heavy cream or you may not need it all, it depends on the Blue Cheese you use.

Step 2 – Fill the piping bag

Prepare the piping bag; cut the edge with scissors or a sharp knife. Fit the piping tip. For clean storing, you can secure the space above the piping tip with a clip. This will keep the content of the piping bag safe until you are ready to use it. See photo

secured piping bag
In this photo you can see how the piping bag looks when it is filled and clipped. It does not contain Whipped Blue Cheese, so the colour of the filling is not indicative.

Fill the piping bag with the Whipped Blue Cheese. If you are new to this, see these step-by-step instructions by Stella Parks (the twisting thing does not work for me because my piping bags are too thick). Secure the open side with a clip to close. Store in the refrigerator until ready to use and up to 1-2 days.


When you are ready to use it, remove the clip that is above the piping tip. It is best is to do it over the sink, just in case there any drippings of water from the mixture. Use as described above.

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